Product Review: Laserfibre Supreme 2.0

Coming off the heels of an extremely successful launch of Laser Smooth and Laser Edge, Laserfibre introduces their newest multifilament string called Supreme 2.0. This new version of a classic is comprised of over 1200 microfibers impregnated with PU bonding within each individual fiber for enhanced comfort and feel.  Of the 1200 microfibers used, 20% of them are (PEM) Performance Enhancing Microfibers which increase durability, crispness, and natural gut like tension maintenance. Finally, this string is coated with a low friction polymer coating for enhanced abrasion resistance which makes this string a durable multifilament offering.

Josh Hausman of Laserfibre was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to talk with me about this new and exciting string.

laserfibre supreme 2.0 tennis racquet string
laserfibre supreme 2.0 tennis racquet string
Supreme 2.0 hi-res (16g set)

Rich: Hello again Josh and thanks for taking time from your hectic schedule to visit with me, our customers, and readers of our blog about this new Laserfibre Supreme 2.0 string.

Josh: I always have time for you and your amazing staff at FST!

Rich: Thanks for the kind words Josh

Rich: So…..Supreme 2.0…would you mind sharing with all of us the backstory of this string and why the 2.0 designation?

Josh: Sure thing Rich. Laserfibre Supreme had a strong following in the early to mid 2000’s and was regarded as a very nice string for the price with very good reviews.  As we looked at our multifilament line and the potential for re-launching this product, we wanted to make sure it was still relevant to the current market.  When testing the original version, we found that although players liked the feel and playability, there was something missing that we felt could be better. Our goal with this string was to keep the multifilament microfiber structure but offer better playability, durability and tension maintenance.  In doing so, we came across various microfibers that allowed better tension maintenance and durability without impacting feel or performance.  Once we zeroed in on this technology, we experimented with different amounts of these microfibers to see which formula achieved the qualities we were hoping to accomplish.  8 months of play testing and 4 different formulas later, we arrived at Supreme 2.0!

Rich: That’s quite the story Josh. My customers who use multifilament strings are going to LOVE this new Supreme 2.0

Josh: I’m confident they will! We were able to achieve a great balance of comfort and feel by incorporating PU (polyurethane) into the microfibers but also accomplished that “crisp” feel players enjoy while enhancing durability.  In the lab, adding these Performance Enhancing Microfibers (PEM) allowed for very unique tension maintenance achieving only a 4% loss over a 72 hour period.  We knew were on to something when we saw this and felt this string would be a perfect compliment to Laser 1200 which had been getting very good reviews as a comfort string.

Rich: Who would have ever thought a multifilament string that only suffers a 4% loss of tension over the initial 72 hour period….amazing!

Josh: We think so too haha!

Rich:  We just received our initial order today and already have some customers lined up to try it. I would think this new Supreme 2.0 is a perfect multifilament to hybrid with especially with its tremendous tension maintenance characteristics

Josh: Oh yes, our Supreme 2.0 pairs very well with any co-poly string in the market especially ours haha!

Rich: I am so excited to get this new string into our customer’s racquets!

Rich: Anything else new coming out from Laserfibre?

Josh: YES! We have something EXTREMELY exciting launching late this summer. I can’t go into details but this new string is going to be something very special for us. As we get closer to the launch, we can visit again and I will give you all the details.

Rich: Sounds great Josh. Thanks again for spending some time with me today.

Josh: My pleasure Rich, always love visiting with you! Have a great day!

Rich: Likewise Josh

laserfibre supreme 2.0 tennis racquet string

If you are looking for a new high performance multifilament string that offers Natural Gut like qualities but with a better durability story and crisp feel without sacrificing comfort, then Laserfibre Supreme 2.0 is a string you should consider trying. Laserfibre Supreme 2.0 is now available at First Serve Tennis.