Product Review: Luxilon Natural Gut

Luxilon Big Banger is regarded as the crème de la crème of co-polyester strings but now they have elevated themselves once again by entering the natural gut arena. When it comes to natural gut string, Babolat made in France has been the dominant player in the natural gut world but watch out – here comes Luxilon!

Luxilon Natural Gut is made in Belgium in their factory located in Antwerpen and is fabricated using the highest quality organic raw materials (serosa fibers) available today.  Unlike other brands of natural gut, Luxilon treats their natural gut with a unique coating which provides the player exceptional touch and feel.

luxilon natural gut string
luxilon natural gut string

Luxilon’s newest release offers the ultimate in vibration absorption without sacrificing feel which all natural gut users long for and is one of the best options for those players who require arm protection or those who have a history of elbow and shoulder problems.

Customer feedback has been 100% positive! Outstanding tension maintenance, exceptional durability, and unparalleled ease on the elbow have been the constant remarks made by our customers who have used the Luxilon Natural Gut string.

We have also had plenty of customers who have opted to hybrid using the Luxilon Natural Gut with their favorite Luxilon co-polyester string and claim the natural gut string is much more durable than the leading synthetic gut options on the market.

This new Luxilon Natural Gut is offered in both 125mm and 130mm and comes in a natural color only.

If you are currently using a natural gut string in your racquet, we invite you to consider trying Luxilon’s newest string. Luxilon Natural Gut string is now available at First Serve Tennis.