Product Review: Wilson Progrip Max

Tennis players know all too well how frustrating it can be when their hands are sweaty and struggle to keep their hands securely on their racquet handle. Let’s face it, playing in hot and humidity conditions is the absolute worst thing when it comes to hanging on to your racquet.

Thankfully Wilson Sporting Goods has come to rescue once again! Another popular tennis company had a product called “Grip Plus” and it worked very well but over the last 3-4 months it was impossible to secure for our customers due to reasons I won’t bother going into on this blog.

So enter Wilson’s new Progrip Max Lotion. This new product comes in a compact no clog bottle. It enhances grip for all sports not just tennis and does so very efficiently without any annoying stickiness or tackiness.

Wilson Progrip Max
Wilson Progrip Max

This new Wilson Progrip Max Lotion repels all moisture and Wilson claims it won’t stain or damage any apparel should some of this lotion make contact with any. And after you’re done playing, this lotion washes off simply with soap and water. This non-toxic, biodegradable, and neutral fragrance lotion is just what the doctor ordered for those who suffer from overly sweaty hands and have problems hanging on to their racquets during hot and humid conditions.

The new Wilson Progrip Max Lotion is now available at First Serve Tennis.