U-Sox Made in Italy
U-SOX from Italy with LOVE:

A new lifestyle sock line that will make your feet squeal with joy

If you play tennis, golf, or run several times a week, socks are no longer that item you grab as an afterthought when you run out the door, they are a key piece of equipment that you consider with as much thought and intention as you do your equipment and outfit. Socks are the foundation of your performance and can make the difference between a great match, game, or run and a mediocre one full of bunched-up distractions.

Luckily for us now there’s U-SoxA new fashion-forward, lifestyle, sock line completely designed and made in Italy and distributed in the U.S. by Sockwise, Inc.  The company’s expertise is rooted in the 35 year-old family “feetness” business, where they have been the pioneers and innovators in athletic sock compression and cooling technology as well as high-quality production methods only available in their Italian factory.

With the company’s design background and expertise in the industry, Sockwise is uniquely positioned to create a lifestyle sock line that addresses many overlooked but much-needed features, which cater to the discerning, active woman.

Usox Lara
Usox Lena
Usox Marta
Usox Murano
Usox Vera

So what is so special about U-Sox?

Superior Fit and Elements of Compression:

  • Toe-to-heel patented cushioning style provides comfort without being bulky
  • An over-the-calf graduated compression sock that keeps circulation moving; and low-cut and anklet styles with elements of compression
  • Superior fit designed to prevent blistering


  • Patented fabrics that keep  your feet pleasantly cool and dry
  • Silver “ions” woven into the fabric to kill bacteria and prevent odor

Design & Craftsmanship:

  • Made in Italy says it all
  • A unique weaving process not available anywhere else in the world
  • Playful patterns and designs, give an extra pop of color and fun


  • Color, cushion and features are designed to last through multiple washings
  • Water retention of 0, allows for quick drying

“U-SOX, the newest brand by Sockwise, Inc, is a line of fun ladies socks.  Made in Italy, these socks are both fashionable and functional for the discreet and active woman who plays tennis, golf, runs, or just wants great looking socks for every day.   Mostly low-cut, these socks have lots of fun and feminine designs that will show off just the right amount in either a tennis or golf shoe.” – Don Cruices with Sockwise Inc.

U-Sox are now available at First Serve Tennis.